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Ron Lottig

Ron Lottig is the owner and lead inspector of Property Inspection Professionals. Ron has completed over 5000 inspections, in 17 years of inspecting homes. 

Ron's Testimonials

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Providing Peace of Mind Through Experience

When it’s time to have a home inspected, you want to make the right choice by hiring an experienced and knowledgeable inspector who never cuts corners. Ron Lottig has been inspecting homes professionally since 2003. He worked in construction before becoming an inspector, specializing in siding and roofing. His experience enables him to consider each property from several perspectives—from a construction standpoint all the way through to the client’s individual needs.    

Considering Your Individual Needs

Property Inspection Professionals is committed to providing quality home inspection services that are carried out in the interest of every client.
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  • The buyer or seller is invited to attend the inspection, cultivating a better understanding by giving you direct insights into any defective components
  • Appointments are available Monday-Saturday, including evening availability
  • Questions are always welcome after an inspection is over. Whether it’s the next day or over a month later, we’ll take your phone call to address any additional concerns. You deserve to have a complete understanding of a home before making a decision.

When it comes to purchasing a home, a high-quality inspection is the linchpin of a buyer’s ability to make an informed decision.

Property Inspection Professionals ensures that every client understands what their prospective home entails.

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